P1nksn0w for the iPhone


Since T-Mobile now is blocking all sidekick data plans for the iPhone many users have to switch their plans to get internet on their device. Many of those users are not really happy with T-Mobile. Me my self change my sidekick data plan, i had it for almost 2 years already :( to the $34.99 one stupid me :) so i could of get a little bit of internet on my iPhone.

But according to Limited Edition iPhone, they are trying to gather information from all the sidekick data plan users so they can build an application to make the device work. If you have information that can help head over to their page and let them know.

According to them the name of this new application will be "p1nksn0w". Pink because that's the official color of the T-Mobile logo.

They had a temporal solution to solve the problem with the sidekick data plan using a VPN that served as a proxy for iPhone users, but T-Mobile soon catch this and it does not work anymore

The T-Mobile's sidekicks are using some type of proxy and a port, and that is what this people are looking for. If they can get the proxy and the port, they can implement an easy to install application via cydia to help everyone out here in the US.

They are asking everyone to post links all over the internet to spread out the word. Hopefully they will come out with a solution to this soon. Please help out!

Source: Limited Edition iPhone