Free apps :)

This is an awesome application for both iphones and ipod touch first and second generation. First you most have a jailbroken iphone or ipod touch with cydia install on it. :) If you need help getting the jailbreak part done let me know and i will gladly assist you with that. :)
1. Open up cydia
2. Go to Manage
3. Go to source
4. Go to edit
5. Tap on Add
6. This is the source you want to add "" without the ""
7. Once you add the source tap on done and go to the source you just added and find installous and install it. And there you go now you can download thousands of apps free of charge. :) if you this help you on anyway please leave a comment and say thanks :) ill be bringing more fun staff for you all :)

p.s for the apps you download with instalous to work correctly you most install atleast one app from the apple store. Get any free app from the apple store and you all set :)
leave some comments ;-)