iPhone Status 101

The current firmware for the iphone 2g 3g and 3gs and the ipod touch first and second generation is 3.0 which can be jailbroken and unlock. In order to jailbreak your device you need a special software created by the dev team call redsn0w which can be downloaded from here (for windows users) or here (for mac users). You will also need the 3.0 firmware iPhone 2g users click here iphone 3g users click here, iphone 3gs users click here ipod touch users second generation click here , and ipod touch users first gen click here. It is very easy to jailbreak your device you just follow the instructions with redsn0w. If your service provider happen to be at&t you can jailbreak your device to get all the good stuff no unlock will be necessary. If you want your device on another carrier in the US it happen to be T-mobile then you will have to jailbreak first and then unlock with the latest version of Ultrasn0w which can be downloaded from cydia. The source for ultrasn0w is repo666.ultrasn0w.com let me remind you guys if you are going to use your phone on T-Mobile's network then disable your 3g before installing ultrasn0w. They have been some problems after people upgraded to 3.0 with battery issues. The battery problem can be easily fix by restoring your phone as new NOT FROM BACK UP!!! Another problem is that after installing ultrasn0w the WiFi doesn't work. With an easy network reset you can solve that problem. The push notification won't work on hackactivated devices(a deviced actived without the valid at&t sim) for that you will need the pushfix hack which can be found here some say it works other say it don't. So if push notifications are really important to you then you should activate your device with a legit at&t sim card ( at&t customers shouldnt have no problem with that) then jailbreak with redsn0w and unlock with ultrasn0w and you will be good to go. Iphone 3gs users should back up certain files so the device can always jailbroken with the dev team tools look here for how to do that. Some people are still asking the question that if is okay to upgrade to the new itunes 8.2.1 and the answer to that question is if you already have your device jailbroken and you are not planning on jailbraking your device again then the answer is yes you can upgrade to the new itunes 8.2.1 remember you can always downgrade your itunes. Some people are worried about buying the new iphone 3gs because they think that it will come with the new 3.1 firmware which cant be jailbroken or unlock yet. But they are rummors around that the new firmware is to come out around september so the 3gs still don't have the 3.1 firmware so hurry up and get yours before is too late!. People should know this by now but if you sync your contacts to iTunes and you planing on restore your device as new you won't lose your contacts. If you have a jailbroken/unlock device and you want to stay jailbroken/unlock please don't upgrade to the 3.1 beta some people have done this already just to find out that they cant jailbrake/unlock their device not till the Dev Team release the tools for it which can take a really long time. So don't Upgrade to 3.1 yet!!! i will let you know when i safe to upgrade. There is so much more that i can tell you guys but for now this should be enough if this help you out a bit please subscribe to my blog so you can always come back. The question i want to ask you now is are you still having iphone problems?