iPhone 3g s iBEC and iBSS files guide

Hello everyone
In this short guide i am going to be showing you how to save your iPhone 3g s iBEC and iBSS files. The iBEC and IBSS files are really important for you to have if you are planning on jailbraking your device now or when apple updates the iPhone firmware. The Dev Team and GeoHot already said it was essential for everyone to save this files to use with their tools. When iTunes starts the restore process, they contact Apple servers to generate signatures just for your device. It’s important you get these signatures for your phone before a new version of the software comes out. ” And to eliminate this limitation you have to generate a unique certificate for your phones iBSS and iBEC.

This process of grabbing the iBEC and iBSS files is very
long but i found a great tool which will help us do it quick. This tool is an IBEC and IBSS grabber which you can download it directly from here. This is the shortest and best method to use.
Follow this instructions:

1. First select the location where you will want you files to be save at.
2. Click on the Start Watching Button.
3. To obtain the iBEC files you will have to connect your iPhone 3g s to the computer, open up itunes, hold the Shift key on your keyboard, hit restore and look for the iPhone 3g s firmware which you should have it downloaded on your computer. Watch the iPhone 3g s restore while doing this the iBEC and iBSS grabber will save the iBEC files to your computer.

4. When the iPhone 3g s is done restoring iTunes will ask you if you want to restore from back up or set up as new. If you don't want to lose any of your information then just restore from back up.

5. Now is time for you to grab the iBSS files certificate. For this you will have to put your iPhone 3g s on DFU Mode so we can restore the iPhone 3g s one more time. So put your iPhone 3g s on DFU Mode once is done iTunes will pop up saying your device is on recovery mode. Once again hold down the shift key and hit restore then find the iPhone 3g s firmware and wait for the iPhone 3g s to restore. Once is done you should have both the iBEC files and the iBSS files in the location you selected to save them.

6. It is really important for you to keep this files safe if you are planning on jailbreaking your device each time the new firmware comes out. My advice will be to save this files on a flash drive so you won't lose them.

Thanks for reading i hope this was helpful for you guys.

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