The Apple iTablet really exist


According to Gizmodo, it received information from some source confirming that the Apple iTablet indeed exist.

Even though the source didn't give much detail of the new iTable we found out some interesting information. According to Gizmodo the iTablet will have a 10 inch screen and will look just like a big iPhone with the black back design and some familiar buttons. According to the source the design can change at anytime.

The price of this new iTablet will be around $700 to $900--more than twice the netbook.

It looks like this new iTablet won't be in the rumored Apple event on September since some rumors have been accumulating stating that the device won't be out till the first quarter of 2010.

Right now the iPhone-like tablet coming from Apple in the near future is just a work in process. Not sure yet but this powerful iTablet will be build around ARM core with PowerVR graphics much like the iPhone and iPod touch.

It looks like the iPhone, though, third-party software is an important element for success of any platform. The new iTablet will be build around the same platform, will developers stick to this platform or develop a new one. We will have to wait and see bout that.

Ill keep you updated with the news.

Source: Gizmodo