Duke Nukem 3D


OK guys i am really happy to talk about this new app that is just available for the iPhone now via Apple store. The name of the application is Duke Nukem 3D the first person shooter that appear on 1996 now is on the iPhone :)

I am a really big fan of this game so i am going to get it right now :)

The price of the application right now is $2.99 which is not bad if you like this game a lot :)
This new 3D game support TapShoot(tm) this is a unique way to play first-person shooter on the iPhone and iPod touch. You can take unique control over the whole touch screen interface to easily and quickly aim and shot your enemies.

You can also customize the controls ether thumb-stick controller or pioneered another way to guide and control Duke through levels, using slider-style controls.

It seems that the game still have a little control problems but apparently it will be fix in an update.