What Will Apple Unveiled Next? Apple Keynote Even On September


According to MediaMemo, many music industry sources have said that Apple executives have informed them that Apple's special music even involving iPod and iTunes will take place the second week of September.

Many people are expecting to see the new iPod Touch Third Generation at apples event. This new iPod Touch is suppose to get a camera like the iPhones and some people are also expecting to see the same performance chip set as new the new iPhone 3g s.

People are also awaiting to see the so called iTable touch screen device which is suppose to be between two of Apple's greatest devices the iPhone and a full-fledged MacBook laptop computer. Will Apple let many fans down by not showing this iTable at the event? Thats something we will have to wait and see.

Apple show also be showing off their new iTunes 9 which will bring Blu-ray and Social Media support in it. Social Media like Twitter/Facebook which might be used for sharing the multimedia (videos, photos) link to other contacts is a great addition to iTunes something everyone is looking forward to.

Now we just need to wait and see what will happen in this event, will everyone be happy? or many people will be down?

I will keep you updated with this so stay tune.

Sources: MediaMemo