iSoBusy--iPhone Fake Caller App

Have you ever been in the middle of an embarrassing situation where you wish you had some way to go away. Or have you ever been in one of the long boring meetings or endless conversations which seem to never end and you try to leave but don't know how. Where then this is a great application for you.

iSoBusy-The Ultimate Fake Call App lets you make fake calls whenever needed using hilarious pre recorded caller Accomplices who actually speak to you when you pick up the call. Great isn't it :)

Some of the features of this great app are:

  • Talkative mom
  • Obsessive Boss
  • Excitable sister-in-law
  • Distressed restaurant owner
  • Dry cleaner calling about that stain
Come on sneak away from those bad undesirable moments, let this great application help you :)
iSoBusy only cost $0.99 great price great for a great application :)

Always remember there is an app for that :)