New Rhapsody iPhone App Comming Soon!


According to RealNetworks, This week they will send their great on-demand streaming music Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch to Apple for review.

This great application will let you search their library of about 8 Millions songs! that is a lot of music :) They describe this application as easy and intuitive it has all the functionality and client of but just super portable!

To use this great application you will have to be a Rhapsody subscriber. The price of the subscription is $12.00/month.

If the application gets approved by apple and hopefully it will, it will be free. Once you are a subscriber and you have this great application you can just log in using your existing username and password, You will have millions of songs in the palm of your hands! Stream them over WiFi or 3G! :)

They have posted a video demonstrating the things you can do with this great application.

Rhapsody on iPhone from Rhapsody on Vimeo.

source: RealNetworks