Movement--For Jailbroken iPhones


There is a really cool new application out for the iPhone called movement! Did you ever wanted to organize your applications but ended up messing up your pages? Do you have many applications and it takes a while for you to organize them one by one? Well don't worry because this application came to the rescue! Movement allows you to rearrange all of your iPhone or iPod touch applications from your Mac.

Many of the iPhone and iPod touch users wanted an application like this! well now you have it :) Right now this application is only for Mac users and of course you need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch.

So if you have a Mac + a Jailbroken device go ahead and get this great application while is free.

This application is still on beta for testing, it looks like it is still a little buggy. Do not expect it to be perfect yet. If you try it and find a bug please report it here.

This great application was develop by Jeff Stieler.