iPhone Stearing Wheel


We all love to play games on our iPhones, some of my favorite games are racing games where you can turn your iPhone and feel some what like you were driving cool huh.. :) The only accessory we were missing was the steering wheel which would give the game a little more action, it would feel a bit more real.

Well what we have been waiting for is all here. There is a new steering wheel for the iPhone which would let you drive the iPhone and your imagination :)

I haven't been able to find the price of the steering wheel yet, but some people believe it should be around the $19.99 like the Wii wheel.

Lets face it, holding the iPhone for a long time gets a bit awkward you get bored but this new accessory is made to make the game more interesting.

So weather you have and iPhone 3g , 3g s, iPod touch 1st or second generation this wheel is right for you :)