Voice Lie Detector 1.1 for iPhone


This is the first and true lie detector that uses the build-in microphone to record your voice and analyze it to see if your lying!

You can even playback the recorded voice, while the Voice Lie Detector analyzes it to see if you are telling the truth!

To use this cool application with an iPod Touch you will need an external microphone so even you can see the awesome results!

What's new on the version 1.1

new invisible control of output:
if you touch the center of right-most column on the screen once, the output will always be "telling the truth"
If you touch the same part again, the output will always be "lying" and if you touch it once more the analyzer will work in normal mode, faithfully analyzing your voice input.
Improved algorithm design.

You want to find out if someone is lying to you? Do you want to find out if your girl is cheating on you?! Even if you want to trick someone you can use this application an impressed everyone around you!

Show them who's the coolest!

The price of this application is $0.99 in the apple store you can check it here(link opens up itunes)