Apple's fears: Google Taking Over the iPhone


Techcrunch have some interesting contradictions to Apple's Response to the FCC the question here is, was apple lying about everything? Are they worry that Google will take over the iPhone?

Yesterday Apple mention in their statement that they never really rejected Google Voice application but Techcrunch saids that apple is lying.

According to Techcrunch, many sources disclose to them in July that Phil Schiller Apple's SVP said that Google Voice app was or was going to be rejected. Google also confirm this to them later on. So who is lying here?

Apple also went into details explaining that Google Voice alter the iPhone's distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone's core mobile telephone functionality and the user interface with its own interface for calls, text, and voicemail.

But according to Techcrunch Google Voice app in no way replaces Apple's voicemail function or in any way interfere with the iphone text messaging feature.

There are strong evidence that Apple is lying and they really did rejected the application according to Techcrunch sources.

So what do you think Google will do or say about this on their statement to the FCC?
I can not wait to see what will happen!

Source: TechCrunch