TV on iPhone


So you like to watch a lot of TV umm lets face it guys a lot of us love watching TV that is why today i am going to show you some cool applications that lets you watch TV on your iPhone. Sounds cool huh :) cooler will be when you have your app and you watch your favorite shows on it.

1. NetTV
This application right now is $2.99 but i advise you to use the lite version which is free so you can try it out and see if you like it.

You can watch over 200 channels form all over the world in full screen.
Browse channels by categories and countries.
make your own favorite list.

This are some of the cool stuff this application has to offer. Some of the channels are specially for the iPhone 3g s which is great if you own one.

Take a look at it at the apple store so you can see some of the channels this application as to offer.


This application cost $4.99 on the Apple store but you can also get the TVULite which is free so you can try it and see if you like it :).

This application lets you watch over 300 channels form around the world. Some of you know TVUPlayer since is available for the PC well now you can have that great app on your iPhone.

The new version of TVUPlayer as the performance improved and the viewing experience is vastly superior.

This application is available on different languages some of them are English, Chinese, Telugu, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Farsi, Tagalog.

It as portrait mode viewing and also landscape mode also which is great :)

3. WorldView Live

This application cost $2.99 at the apple store.
It allows you to watch live web cams worldwide with an elegant, friendly, and intuitive user interface.

The great thing about this application is that you can watch 11,00 web-cams from all over the world in full screen on your iPhone or iPod touch when connected to the internet.

You can see the image or video as soon as the Web-Cams upload it some take seconds to do it others take a little longer but its worth it :)

Give it a try if you interested :)

4. Television

This application cost $2.99 is not live TV, but it offer some good stuff to watch :). You can watch 85 shows from 42 channels on demand.

The thing i don't like about this application is that the only way for you to watch it is only over WiFi Apple does not allow this application to run over 3G Cellular Network.

There are more applications to watch TV on your iPhone or iPod touch but if you want some other apps just leave a comment and i will be happy to put up some more :)

So there you have it guys good apps good price good content :)

and remember guys There is an App for Everything