iPhone 3gs and Palm Pre Owners Satisfaction Poll


The Palm Pre and the iPhone 3gs are indeed great devices lets admit it. People have different thoughts about both, Palm Pre Owners love their device but how much compared to iPhone 3gs Owners. How many of does owners are satisfied with their device and how many of them are really satisfied. Well that's what we going to find out now.

On August 4-11 there was a survey of 200 3gs owners and 40 Palm Pre owners by RBC Capital and ChangeWave Research to see how many of those owners were satisfied and how many of them really satisfied.

According to brainstormtech 99% of the 3gs owners were satisfied of which 82% were very satisfied. In the same survey of 40 Palm Pre Owners 87% are satisfied and 45% of those owners described themselves as "really satisfied"

It seems interesting that the 42% of the Palm Pre owners who describe themselves as "really satisfied" customers are the highest score ever achieve by Palm Pre and the highest of all manufactures excluding RIM and Apple.

Source: Brainstormtech