Qik App

After a long wait Qik now comes to the Apple store. As you may know before the only way to get Qik on your iPhone was by jailbreaking your device. Do to iPhone limitations Qik can't stream live, you ether can capture and upload or upload pre recorded videos from your cameras roll.

Qik enables you to capture and share your moments with your friends, family, and the world!
Some of the places you can share this videos are on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Qik.com.
All your videos are automatically archived on Qik.com, you can share it using email and SMS, added to any website, automatically posted to blogs via platform like blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, or social sites like Myspace and Digg.

So if you want to share your videos with friends and everybody else go ahead and give this a try it don't cost a cent since is free on the Apple Store.