New iPhone Software Modification Pictures


Everyone love to see what the future will bring to our iPhones. What will change and what will stay the same, what new modifications will come to make the iPhone an even cooler device.

According to Unwired View just today 2 new iPhone application patent surfaced today with some new features that can make the iPhone even a greater device. This

The first iPhone patent app is called "Auto messaging to currently connected caller" This application do some pretty good things. While talking on the phone with your friends or family or anyone else you can write them an SMS or at the same time send them an E-mail, address book contact info, or any other file.

Come on this is a pretty good feature and hopefully it will be added to the iPhone. It's pissed people off to have to hang up the phone just to send a contact info or send other files. So i know many people will be looking forward to this.

The second iPhone patent app is called "Speakerphone Control for Mobile Device" apple is looking for ways to turn on the speaker automatically with this application using sensors. Sounds really cool right :) I would already like to see this new application up 0n the iPhone.

Source: Unwired View