iPhone App iCam


ok guys i have found a really good and interesting app that is crazii cool and i want to share it with all of you :). The name of the app is iCam(Webcam Video Streaming) it cost $4.99 on the apple store. It allows you to stream live video and audio from up to four webcams to your iPhone or iPod touch via WiFi, 3G, or EDGE.

You can do lots of stuff with this camera, you can monitor your baby see what he/she is doing, your pet, it can be you security camera, or spy camera we all love to spy don't we. :)

To used this application you need to install a special software is a free iCamSource from here.

This application is really helpful you can even monitor your car you know nowadays a lot of stuff be happening when you leave your car out on the streets. So give this a try but watch out with what you do with it, don't get in trouble :)

oh and remember guys There is an app for everything :)