iPhone app deposit check


If you hate to make long lines at the bank just to deposit your check then this is right for you.
It looks like USAA bank, a financial institution for caters to the military is updating an application to deposit your checks with your iPhone.

It looks like it will be easy you just open up the application and take a picture to the back and front of your check then just hit e-send and your check will be deposit to the account.

Of course if you use this service once you have deposit your check you would have to rip the check or just write "VOID" on it. Just play it smart and right void on it in case something goes wrong, you don't want to lose your money.

There is a little limitation this application that is only available for active-duty military personnel to use. Which it to be great so our military people can just deposit their checks normally.

If this application goes well probably it won't be the only one out. But you never know what can happen in the near future.