Sidekick Data Plan Down on iPhones


I have bad news for all of the people using the sidekick data plan for their unlock iPhones :(.
According to TUAW, T-Mobile would not longer service using sidekick data plan for their iPhones.

The T-Mobile sidekick data plan is one of the most affordable plans to be use with the iPhones, but now that the plan can't be used some customers would be really angry with this.

According to TUAW many customers called T-Mobile to report that their data plan suddenly stop working on their devices. T-Mobile representative gave different answer to this issue, some said that the service was down on some areas and others said that the plan needed to be upgrade to their normal plan.

I my self use the sidekick data plan (not the prepaid one) and it has been down for a couple of days now. I thought it had to do something with my iPhone but i guess not.

It looks like T-Mobile is looking for ways to make their customers change their plans to one that is more expensive. Thats not nice :(

TUAW as contacted T-Mobile for answers about this issue but T-Mobile haven't answer yet.

They better fix this issue i my self don't really want to change my plan.

Source: TUAW