Tom Tom GPS for iPhone Now on US App Store


After a long wait the TomTom GPS application for the iPhone just appear in the US apple store and in many European stores. Each European store is now carrying a fifth application made specifically for the country in which it is sold. Its suppose to be a narrowly localize version to work better on their respective countries for a lower price. The countries are as follow.
- Benelux: offered in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg and covers those three countries - D-A-CH: offered in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and covers those three countries - France: offered only in France and covers France, Monaco, and Corsica - Iberia: offered in Spain and Portugal and covers Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, and the major islands of the Balearic and Canary Island groups. - Italy: offered only in Italy and covers Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), San Marino, and Vatican City - Nordic: offered in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden and covers those four countries - U.K. & Ireland - offered only in the U.K. and Ireland

Moreover, if you live in the United States or Canada you can already purchase the GPS app. the prices are as follow.

US and Canada $99.99
New Zealand $94.99
Australia $79.99

Western Europe $139.99

Update: 1

Since the TomTom GPS came out many people have been asking if the car kit will be compatible with the iPod touch and to answer does questions MacRumors have just inform that TomTom public relations manager Yann Lafargue says yes. People will be able to use the GPS application along with Apple's iPod touch with the car kit.

"It will work with the iPod touch and will also work with third-party GPS applications.

Source: MacRumors