Tom Tom GPS for iPhone on New Zealand App Store


Tom Tom GPS for iPhone one of the most awaited apps just made its entrance to the New Zealand app store. According to MacRumors four versions regional versions of the Tom Tom GPS for iPhone have appear in this store; U.S. and Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Here you can see some of the prices:

- U.S. & Canada [App Store]: NZ $124.99 (US $84.41) - Western Europe [App Store]: NZ $179.99 (US $121.55) - Australia [App Store]: NZ $104.99 (US $70.90) - New Zealand [App Store]: NZ $119.99 (US $81.03)

This prices only contain the application not the car mount, enhanced GPS receiver, built-in speaker, or power cables.
If you are interested in the car kit you will have to buy this separately. The package containing the software and hardware appear last month for pre orders on the UK store Handtech for a price of £99 (US $163.39).

source: MacRumors