iPhone 3.0.1


Hello guys,
I am writing this to see how many of you guys have already upgrade your iPhones to the 3.0.1. How many of you were successful (everything fully working)? and how many of you are still struggling with the jailbraking process? if you having problems please leave a comment here so i can help you out. This blog is here so we can help you guys with your iPhone so please leave comments if you struggling or if you were successful let me know.

My side of the story is this one:
Last night when the dev team announced that it was all good to jailbreak the iPhone with the new firmware 3.0.1 version i was really happy so i started the process. I downloaded the latest itunes version, connected my iPhone 3g, and upgrade it to the new firmware. When the phone was done upgrading i was a little bit worry because i was wondering how about if it doesn't work? but i open up redsn0w selected the firmware 3.0 when redsn0w asked. I followed all the steps till my phone rebooted and i was happy to see that i had cydia install on it so i know i was successful :). I was also happy to see that some of my old apps, settings and contacts were there not my cracked apps or applications downloaded from cydia:( right now i am running my iPhone 3g on the new firmware 3.0.1 and everything is working perfectly. I can even tell you guys that my battery seems to have improved. That is my story now let me see yours :)

Also: some people that have the iPhone 3g s were having problems jailbreaking the new firmware because of the new itunes so if you having problems with your 3g s downgrade to itunes 8.2 and let me know how it goes :)