Cylay 3.0 Find your iPhone (Jailbroken phones)


We all love our iPhones and i know that all of us worry about losing our iPhones or getting it stolen. Well i found this great app that lets you find your iPhone anywhere using Google maps. The app is called Cylay 3.0 and you can find it on Cydia (jailbroken devices only). Cylay is the first anti-theft and security iPhone software in the world, it has been used by over hundreds of thousands users and helped hundreds of users to find their lost iPhones. The GPS works great it shows the current location on Google maps, you can also send messages to the phone using push notification. This is great because you can ask the person nicely to return the phone before you call the cops :). The greatest feature of this is that once you put your phone as lost the phone locks it self so the theft or person who as it can't unlock it. The power button is disable so you can track it without any problems. So how great is this app? :) really great if you ask me now head to cydia and try it see if you like it. I bet you will. Don't worry about losing your iPhone use Cylay 3.0 :)

Screen shots