Gangstar: West Coast Hustle iPhone App


Just today Gameloft release their new iPhone application Gangstar: West Coast Hustle to the apple store with a price of $6.99.

This Grand-Theft-Auto-like game take place in Los Angeles. Immerse yourself in a gang life, complete 50 different missions combined with the best action and driving games.

This new iPhone application is full of action and adventure the graphics are really great is in full 3D. Here are some of the features.

Feeling of freedom: drive for miles and miles in a massive, open-ended environments. Players can feel free to complete missions are their own paste.
The first iPhone game that displays such a high level of graphics: a full-3D resconstruction of an entire city.

Explore the city, shoot and fight, steal vehicles, kill your enemies, and drive or walk anywhere.

You can even choose your own radio station (hip-hop, rap, reggae, electro, californian punk, rock and much more. Even better listen to music store on your own iPhone :)

if you love the Grand Theft Auto game then this won't be the exception, you will love this one as well.

So go ahead and take a look at it here(link opens up iTunes)